The Hidden Springs Story

Guests and Friends,

We are so happy that you have come to stay at Hidden Springs.

It is our hope that you would experience a mental and spiritual renewal here.

On November 5th, 2013 Hidden Springs' founder and visionary was killed in a car accident 10 minutes north of Lacombe Alberta. We have grieved this great loss ever since.

This Chalet has been the product of Neil Edward White's deep desire to build a space that would "show forth the transforming power of God in a lost world…" In 1999, while staying in L'Abri community in Switzerland (a mountain retreat founded by Francis Schaeffer in 1955) he was exposed to shelter, hospitality and God's mysterious love. Neil was struck by the correlation between a place that is surrounded by peace and its inhabitant's capacity to reflect it. And so he set out to replicate this feeling here at the farm.

Perhaps it was meant to bring home a reminder of those beautiful places and beautiful people that he had seen, perhaps it was to transport Neil back to those Swiss Alps. In either case, the vision was fully formed in his mind long before he began logging in the south bush for mature wood with which to construct the Chalet.

The first guests were hosted in 2004.

Every spring, the water on the north hillside is released out onto the driveway, and we are reminded that there is new life in those hidden springs. And when Neil was at L'Abri he remarked, "If God intends to build character in us over time, then definitely, this place is a metaphor for the process."

May you find shelter and renewal here.


We hope to make your time at Hidden Springs wonderful and meaningful. We are open to discuss any questions you may have.

Neil and Barbara married in 1975 and moved to what has become Hidden Springs in 1977. They have four "grown & gone" children: Skylar (married to Karen), Ailen, Jordan (married to Caitlyn), Kelsey, and seven grandchildren.

Barbara (B Ed, U of A) has taught school for over 30 years in private and public schools in the district. She is experienced in almost all grade and subject levels including counseling and Special Education administration. If she's not gardening, playing the piano, or reading, she enjoys a relaxing canoe time on Twin Lakes and is learning to imitate the call of the loon!

Neil held a Land Resources Diploma (Olds College '73), and a Diploma of Christian Studies (Regent College '91), a Master of Divinity (Edmonton Baptist Seminary '99), and an MA in Counseling. He was an ordained minister and served as a local church pastor for 14 years. He worked as a personal, marriage and family counselor in Drayton Valley ( He loved hiking in the mountains almost as much as living in the country.

Enjoy your stay!

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